Test seansı: Mövzu - İngilis dili, sual sayı - 50, dərəcə - orta səviyyəli suallar

1) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4422 ]
The woman in the next room is playing music. It's very loud. You want her to turn it down. What do you say to her? -- ...

2) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4421 ]
You want to leave work early because you have some things to do. What do you ask your boss? -- ...

3) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4437 ]
They cry ... .

4) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4425 ]
You're on a ttain. The woman next to you has finished reading her newspaper. Now you want to have a look at it. You ask her. YOU: Excuse me , ... . WOMAN: Yes , of course. I've finished with it.

5) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4435 ]
They shake their head ... .

6) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4429 ]
A friend of yours is interested in one of your books. You invite him to borrow it. FRIEND: This book looks very interesting. YOU: Yes , it's very good. ...

7) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4417 ]
You have a car. You have to go to the same place as John , who hasn't got a car. You want to give him a lift. You say to John: ...

8) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4434 ]
They blow their nose ... .

9) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4414 ]
You phone Ann but somebody else answers. Ann isn't there. You want to leave a message for ther. You say: ...

10) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4436 ]
And nod their head ... .

11) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4424 ]
You need help to change the film in your camera. You ask Ann. YOU: Ann , I don't know how to change the film. ... ANN: Sure. It's easy. All you have to do is this.

12) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4427 ]
You're the passenger in a car. Your friend is driving very fast. You ask her to slow down. YOU: You're making me very nervous. ... DRIVER: Oh , I'm sorry. I didn't realise I was going so fast.

13) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4420 ]
You've written a letter in English. Before you send it , you want an English friend to check it. What do you ask him? -- ...

14) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4416 ]
You are in a clothes shop. You see some trousers you like and you want to try them on. You say to the shop assistant: ...

15) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4432 ]
They laugh when ... .

16) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4418 ]
You want to borrow your friend's camera. What do you say to him? -- ...

17) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4415 ]
You are a tourist. You want to go to the station but you don't know where it is. You ask at your hotel. You say: ...

18) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4419 ]
You are at a friend's house and you want to use her phone. What do you say? -- ...

19) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4428 ]
You've finished your meal in a restaurant and now you want the bill. You ask the waiter: YOU: ... WAITER: Right. I'll get it for you now.

20) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4438 ]
They yawn when ... .

21) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4426 ]
You're on a bus. You have a seat but an elderly man is standing. You offer him your seat. YOU: ... MAN: Oh , that's very kind of you. Thank you very much.

22) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4431 ]
They often breathe quickly after ... .

23) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4430 ]
People often smile when ... .

24) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4423 ]
John has come to see you in your flat. You offer him something to eat. YOU: ... JOHN: No , thank you. I'm not hungry.

25) [Sualın ID nömrəsi 4433 ]
They may bite their nails ... .